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We bought 15 vanity mirrors and tested them for over a month before we settled on the one that worked best.

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The 15 most expensive, hottest, most famous, best-selling, and best-known LED makeup mirrors are here.

“What’s there to test the mirror? If it looks good, it’s over? If it’s bright, it’s enough?”

No, you don’t even know that there are so many pitfalls in the cosmetic mirrors on the market.

“What’s there to test the mirror? If it looks good, it’s over? If it’s bright, it’s enough?”

No, you don’t even know that there are so many pitfalls in the cosmetic mirrors on the market.

The lower limit of the illumination of the dressing table stipulated by the national standard is 500lux, and the distance between the conventional mirrors is about 30cm.

And we measured the highest illuminance of 15 cosmetic mirrors at this distance with professional instruments, and half of them failed to meet the standard… This competition has just begun, and half of them fell down directly.

“It’s okay if it’s not bright enough. If you look closer, it’s still usable, right?”

Yes, that’s right, but more seriously, it will lose its brightness with use.

Take Feisina, which has been crazily planted in Xiaohongshu, as an example. We measured its illuminance at a position of 10cm, and the brightness basically reached the national standard;

But when we continue to light it up and let it run from full power to full power consumption, we will find:

It is also the highest gear, when you use it for the 6th time, it is only half of the original light, and when you use it for the 10th time, it is only one-fifth of the initial light.

This means that during use, you will unconsciously get closer and closer to the vanity mirror, and in the end you will not have enough light when you stick it on the mirror.

The official website of Fisina shows that it can be used 15 times with a single charge, and it can be used for half an hour each time.

We did not target Fesina, we tested all 15 vanity mirrors, and found that 10 of them were attenuated.

Including Yeelight, which I have high hopes for, which is a professional lamp maker, and Netease Yanxuan, which has a more severe attenuation than Yeelight.

And there are only these 5 models that can keep on continuously without fading.

But this does not mean that they are all good makeup mirrors worth recommending.

Here I would like to introduce 2 mirrors that boys must avoid when giving girls: Mijia and Xiaoai Beauty Makeup Magic Box

02. The second pit to avoid when buying a makeup mirror: Color cast

Mijia will encounter the second pitfall of purchasing a cosmetic mirror: color cast.

In the habit of many boys, when they don’t know how to choose, they usually choose millet, because it will basically be of relatively good quality at a relatively cheap price.

But don’t buy a vanity mirror, the light of its mirror light is unnatural.

When I looked at Xiaomi, I found myself in the mirror turning yellow and green. When I told this to many male colleagues, they said to me:

Xiaomi has not forgotten its roots.

I don’t know what it means, but considering the angle of people looking in the mirror, the distance cannot be 100% fixed, and the influence of skin color on light, I decided to invite a new model……

Art incarnate: David.

Judging from the results, Xiaomi did not restore David’s fair complexion as much as possible, and David turned yellow.

We put on makeup to go out, what is the difference between outside and inside? There is a sun.

In other words, if you want to look beautiful in the sun, the light must be close to the sun.

In life, the light in the morning and evening is: warm; neutral at noon on a clear day; cool at night with moonlight. All lamps are in pursuit of emitting natural light like the sun.

Under normal circumstances, the difference (JNCD) between the standard color temperature of the sun and the sun is greater than 1, and we do not recommend it.

Xiaomi only has one color temperature, and the difference between this lamp has reached 2.5. This level does seem a bit dark.

Not only light, but the one-size-fits-all white appearance of Mijia is also very tasteless.

Make-up and make-up, the more it changes, the dirtier it becomes. When you buy it, you must also pay attention to the material and color of the shell, and try to choose a smooth surface and a dark color.

03. The third pit to avoid when buying a makeup mirror: The switch key is on the mirror

Not only the light and the shell, but also a pit that people may overlook when choosing a mirror.

That is: like Mijia, the switch adjustment key is on the mirror surface, first ruled out.

Because these mirrors are very easy to get dust and fingerprints, and if the control keys are set on them, the more you press them, the dirtier they will become.

More than half of the 15 makeup mirrors we tested this time are like this. The most exaggerated is the Huiyan makeup mirror with the highest comprehensive evaluation of Duoduo, which has 4 adjustment buttons directly on the mirror surface.

The problem of fingerprints on the mirror is easy to be solved. It seems that all mirrors are not solved well, but everyone thinks, the most frequently used mirror is the mobile phone. Why is it not as easy to get fingerprints as these mirrors?

It turned out that there was no anti-fouling layer or oleophobic layer at all.

Because of the glass with a similar coating, such as tempered film, the whiteboard strokes appear in the shape of water droplets one after another, and these mirrors are a real writing mark.

Cheap mirrors are fine, but mirrors that sell for hundreds of dollars do not pay attention to this point, and it is indeed a bit incomprehensible.

Is it so difficult? So I found a coating factory by myself and asked them to help me coat this newly removed mirror without an oleophobic layer.

Let me draw with a marker…Wow, it’s coated, the whiteboard pen forms water droplets on the mirror surface, and fingerprints are not so easy to get on…

And if this process is mass-produced, the cost is only about two yuan.

Let’s talk about why the Xiaoai Beauty Magic Box is not worth recommending.

There is only one reason –

It is so earthy


I thought there was no need to say such an obvious thing, but unexpectedly, some male colleagues thought it was very cool.

At first I thought he was joking, but when I opened some comments, my God, the praise rate was 98%, and the men who gave it to their wives in the comments all got a kiss.

I can only say let this female friend of yours go, it has three fatal injuries:

1. As a clock, too earthy.

The background of this homophonic stalk “One deer has you” is really hesitating.

2. As a cosmetic storage box, it is really rough.

The joints between the molds are very large, it is easy to get stuck when pulling, and the plastic feeling is overwhelming.

3. As a cosmetic mirror, the quality of the LED mirror light is very poor.

What is the concept of a maximum illuminance of only 160? It is better to light a candle than to light it.

In addition, its ability to truly restore colors is also at the bottom.

What is the ability to truly restore color? It means what color your eye shadow and lipstick are, and what color they look in the mirror.

That is, the parameter “color rendering index” that can often be seen on the product page.

This is also the fourth pit that everyone will encounter when purchasing.

04. The fourth pit to avoid when buying a makeup mirror: Color rendering index

Some merchants will use this comparison chart to explain the color rendering index of their mirror lamps, which is simply the emperor’s new clothes, because this is the difference in brightness.

If you don’t believe me, just dim this, and it will be the same again. This product page is from Xiaomi.

When we choose, the closer this parameter Ra is to 100, the more realistic the color will be.

But in fact this Ra is not enough, it only includes the restoration degree of 8 colors by the light of the mirror, while the real world is colorful orange red yellow green blue blue purple.

So we used a newer standard (tm30-18) when testing, and tested the restoration of 99 colors for 15 LED mirrors.

We can see that MUID, which ranks first in color rendering ability, has a balanced color line and is close to 100; in contrast, the beauty magic box, what is the concept of a color rendering ability of more than 70?

That is, your lipstick is red, but it turns out to be dark red when you shine it; your eyebrow pencil is dark brown, but it turns out to be dark brown when you draw it.

Of course, this beauty magic box is not such a failure. It has at least found a pain point: many girls’ dressing table cosmetics are really messy.

But this has not been solved. My transparent acrylic storage box worth tens of dollars is good, and I recommend it to everyone.

05. Which one is the most recommended?

After so many rounds of pit avoidance, the key point is, which one is the most worth recommending?

It: MUID, among the 16 types of mirrors, combines performance and practicality, and exists like a ceiling.

First of all, its LED mirror lights not only have natural colors, but also have high illumination and no attenuation;

It is also the one with the strongest ability to restore true colors among all mirror lights.

Second, the switch adjustment key is very user-friendly.

Just one button, short press the switch, dial up and down to adjust the brightness, and dial left and right to change the color temperature.

Like other mirrors, it is basically controlled by two or three buttons. You need to press it for a while, and you need to press it for a while.

Third, the mirror is the largest of its kind, with a diameter 4cm longer than the small black mirror.

And the orange red and black design is pretty nice, which is different from most cosmetic mirrors.

In general, although the battery life of MUID is not particularly long, and there are not many adjustable angles, it is the best one in terms of performance, design, and interactive experience.

Like the small black mirror, it has the function of automatic induction lighting, and the price is one or two hundred cheaper. It is the most worth buying.

Of course, if your budget is sufficient, you can also consider the most expensive AMIRO small black mirror on the market.

Its brightness is not attenuated at all, the color is very natural, and the appearance is even more black, it will not be dirty at all, and this brand is also big, so it is nice to give it to others.

But the little black mirror is not the most powerful and most usable mirror light among these mirrors, but it has a magical ability: it can make you feel better in the mirror.

In the pure black laboratory, I used a projector to project the pure grid onto the mirror surface of the mirror, and then observed the deformation of the grid on the white wall reflected by the mirror surface.

Sure enough, the grid projected by the little black mirror was deformed, and the sides were retracting towards the middle. Isn’t this just thin face?

Can this mirror still be used? To be honest, although there is a little face-lift and filters, this little black mirror will not distort the image, it will only make you look a little more perfect.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or a deliberate design, but I can still accept this, after all, we girls don’t want to be beautiful.

The impact of daily use is not particularly large, and it is good to strengthen your beauty, but the small black mirror also has disadvantages:

It is very good to use without moving on a smooth table. It is very laborious to move it frequently. It sucks tightly and is heavy to hold. It cannot stand on some leather or fabric table tops and is easy to fall over.

If your budget is not that high, you can consider the price range of 200 yuan:


AMIRO MINI2 is the one that can be used for the longest time on a single charge. The performance of the LED mirror light is the best overall cost performance among the 15 LED mirror lights.

The disadvantages are: there is only one color temperature of the most common intermediate color; the shell mold is easy to get dirty like Xiaomi; the charging port is a relatively inefficient USB instead of Type-C.

The performance of ESEASEHOLD on the LED mirror light is not particularly good, and the illuminance also has attenuation, but if it can accept charging and use, it is also very fragrant, because the user experience is very good:

1. The mirror surface is designed to be folded and opened.

When not in use, it can avoid dust on the mirror surface. When in use, turn it on directly, and the mirror light will automatically light up.

2. Double mirror and triple mirror are designed on the left side of the mirror, so you don’t need to get close to apply eye makeup.

Other mirrors also come with a magnifying glass, which can be attached to the mirror surface for use. But it’s really hard to use, it’s inconvenient to take pictures, the magnification is too high, and it looks dizzy, the best thing to use is this double lens.

3. The mirror can not only adjust the pitch, but also can rotate 180 degrees, and there are many adjustable angles.

Then if your budget is even lower, buy MINISO at a price range of tens of yuan.

Its lighting performance is basically acceptable. Even if the brightness will attenuate, it will only drop to an unusable level when the battery is almost out.

The bonus item is that the shell mold does not feel cheap at all, it is the workmanship of more than a hundred mirrors; and the mirror part can be rotated 360 degrees, and can also be used as a night light when needed.

The minus item is that when you look at it from the side, you can clearly see that the edge of the mirror is not cut smoothly, and it is easy to break if it is accidentally knocked down, and its switch key adjustment key is on the mirror surface.

06. Finally, I want to say

Originally, I thought that doing a simple makeup mirror evaluation would definitely produce a film very quickly, because I am good at first is to do optical and image-related tests, and I have all kinds of equipment and technology accumulation.

But this film has been tested since years ago, and I don’t know why this test item has become more and more listed, but in retrospect, thanks to the test for so long, otherwise I would not know:

Not only are some lights not bright enough, but they turn dark even when they are on. They can also turn you into a yellow-faced woman, and turn your lipstick into another color……

Indeed, from the very similar appearance of these vanity mirrors, one can also feel:

When many brands are doing it, they don’t use their brains at all. They add a circle of lights to the outside of the mirror, which is called an LED makeup mirror, and you can harvest your wallet.

Fortunately, there are still two or three good products that can be picked out of these mirrors.

I hope my recommendation can be useful to you and make you more and more beautiful~

Alright, read the reviews before placing an order, I’m Mingda, see you next time.

(Reprinted from Xiankan Ceping.)