Are you an avid traveller with a love for cosmetics who has been struggling to find proper lighting for applying makeup? Looking for the perfect makeup gadget for touching up on the go? Buying the finest quality compact travel mirror can be the key to ensuring you look your best even when travelling.

     When it comes to applying makeup, having the right tools and accessories makes all the difference. And when you are travelling, not every place you visit will have everything you need to look your best. Carrying a lighted travel compact mirror will save you from makeup that’s poorly blended or too heavy. No matter whether you need to apply blush, tweeze, or ensure there’s nothing between your teeth, lighted travel makeup mirrors are your go-to option.

     But with a plethora of make-up mirrors available out there, are you perplexed about how to make the right choice?

3 Vital Factors To Consider When Buying A Travel Mirror

1.Style of Travelling

      One of the first and foremost aspects to take into account when choosing travel makeup mirrors is your travelling type. The style of accommodation you choose will influence your decision. No matter whether you are a college goer, a professional model, a working woman, or a businesswoman, every female has different needs in her travel compact mirrors. 

· Backpacking & Camping

       It goes without saying that the smaller and lighter a mirror, the better for you. But, that might come at the expense of salient features like large image size, quality construction, and decent lighting. When choosing a lighted travel makeup mirror, battery life and recharging methods are essential considerations.

· AirBnB and Upmarket hotels

       You may assume that the hotel will have high-quality mirrors that are brightly illuminated and well-positioned. However, truth be told, this can be a dangerous assumption. Even though swny hotels indeed gorgeous lighting, they can be too dim to ready by, let alone do proper makeup application. It is thus, advisable to always carry a LED travel mirror with you on the go.

2.Style of makeup mirror

       Even though this is an obvious point, this is a key consideration you just can’t afford to miss. The more complex your beauty regime, the better compact makeup mirror you need. If you are someone who spends around 3 hours regularly to get ready, you need a professional makeup mirror. On the other hand, if you are more of a ponytail and lip balm kind of girl, you can buy a simple travel-friendly mirror.


       You need to look for the lightest LED compact makeup mirror that perfectly meets your needs and yet fits in your bag. A large travel compact make up mirror that’s around 4 inch diameter is about the smallest that’s functional. Also, you should take into account aspects like ruggedness — both build quality and protection of the reflective surface.

The Bottom Line:

       Now that you are aware of the criteria to choose a premium quality LED travel mirror, what are you still waiting for? It’s time to find a portable makeup mirror that has the best quality reflection!