Now for all kinds of household goods at home, intelligent has become the norm, “intelligent bath mirror” is a product in recent years, more and more people want to install Mingda smart bathroom mirror for their own bathroom. But there are a lot of people who are not familiar with the “smart bath mirror”, today we will talk about this topic.

What is a smart bath mirror?

Intelligent bath mirror, as the name implies, is the intelligent upgrade of the bathroom mirror, basic entry-level products with beauty lighting and mirror touch function, more advanced products can also be three color infinite dimming, intelligent fog, voice interaction, schedule, etc., and even can watch TV, listen to music, weather forecast, question query, intelligent control, health management and so on.

What Functions Does Smart Bath Mirror Have?

Bathroom smart mirror, this entry-level Mingda smart bath mirror, has professional makeup light source, three color pole-less dimming, mirror touch button, one button fog removal function, anti-oxidation, environmental protection and more durable, there are more versatile styles to choose from, this is a cost-effective product.

High color illumination

Bath mirror lamp belt is composed of high-density distributed LED lamp beads, uniform light transmission, no stabs, bright color to create a professional makeup light source.

Three color infinity dimming cold and warm glow

Three color temperature warm and cold light source can realize from dark to bright, from bright to dark infinite adjustment, for the dressing moment to create a variety of soft and romantic environmental light.

Mirror touch wet hand also works

Mirror touch key sensitive, not affected by water drop interference, you can touch the key to complete the fast switch/adjustment.

One key defogging

One key to open intelligent defogging, quickly clear mirror water fog, mirror defogging after 2 hours of automatic closure, safety and energy saving.

Life service

Real-time weather forecast, reminders of dressing index and matters needing attention outside; Schedule, time, calendar and other rich life services.


What should I pay attention to when installing bathroom smart mirror?

(1) Confirm the installation position of the smart bath mirror, because the installation is to punch holes on the wall, once installed, generally can not move the position.


(2) When buying smart bath mirror, confirm the shape and size of the mirror according to the installation position.


(3) After confirming the installation position of the smart bath mirror, reserve the power cord for the mirror when laying out the wire.


(4) Confirm the installation height of the intelligent bath mirror, the specific installation height should be determined according to the height of family members and use habits. When the mirror encounters difficult stains, alcohol or 30% cleaning diluent can be used to wipe, usually please use dry towel maintenance, pay attention to more ventilation.


For people who pursue quality of life,

The bathroom is not just a space for bathing and cleaning,

It is also a station for relaxing body and mind.